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Picus X

Aquila A210 (analog)

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Classic Analog Gauges
Enhanced SASL features
Options & Magic Functions
Fuel & Load, Mass & Balance
5 Liveries (incl. white)
Normal / Emergency Checklists
Comprehensive Documentation

Picus X

Aquila A211G (G500)

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G500 Digital Avionics
Enhanced SASL features
Options & Magic Functions
Fuel & Load, Mass & Balance
7 Liveries (incl. white)
Normal / Emergency Checklists
Comprehensive Documentation

Picus X

Aquila Bundle of Both

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Both Versions of the Aquila
Enhanced SASL features
Options & Magic Functions
Fuel & Load, Mass & Balance
11 Liveries (incl. white)
Normal / Emergency Checklists
Comprehensive Documentation

Get free updates forever! Current Version is 1.7.0, released March 29, 2019

The following System Requirements are recommended based on the specifications of the systems the aircraft was developed on. This does not mean it might not run on less performant systems (no warranty). Windows, Mac OS, Linux (please refer to the requirements of X-Plane®), X-Plane® 11.05 (64-bit only!) or higher, Processor at least 2.5 GHz, RAM at least 4 GB, VRAM at least 1 GB, 320 MB free hard disk space. Please be aware that your specific hardware and software settings as well as other add ons, plugins or large sceneries could affect your systems performance and frame rate dramatically. Please read the Enduser Licence Agreement (EULA)

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About Picus X

A Passionate Real World Aquila Pilot

The Picus X Aquila you are going to fly in X-Plane® is developed by a passionate real world Aquila pilot. All 3D models, textures and functions are custom crafted with love for this great airplane. In-depth modelling of many details, based on comprehensive original technical manuals as well es testing and fine tuning by real world Aquila pilots from all over the world aim on providing an ultra realistic experience for you.

Did you know the term PICUS means Pilot in Command Under Supervision? Your Flight Instructor alights the plane, guiding you from the ground. Being a PICUS the first time is one of the most joyful and exciting moments in pilot life. When will you become a PICUS?

Features & Functions At A Glance

All features marked with SASL are custom developed scripts using the integrated SASL-Plugin.


The Picus X Aquila is a two-seat Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) entirely built from carbon and glass fibre reinforced plastics. The original Aquila Aircraft is built in Germany. With modern interior, state of the art avionics and a MTOW of 750kg it is a popular and cost efficient Training and Travel Aircraft, used by many flight schools and flying clubs in Europe, Russia, Australia and even the United States.


  • Carbon and glass fibre fuselage
  • Laminar Airfoil
  • Rotax 912S engine
  • MTV-21 constant speed propeller
  • Slotted Fowler Flaps
  • Electrical trim
  • Digital Avionics available
  • Body contoured sport seats
  • Large glass canopy
  • Wheel Fairings for Tundra / Mud
  • Wheel Fairings for Travel / Cruise
  • Sportive flying characteristics
  • Ideal for education and training
  • Easy and fun to fly


  • Detailed interior with HD textures (e.g. modelled seat belts and shoulder harnesses, leather seats, carpets)
  • Night VFR-Version with 3 independent HDR lighting options (instruments, panel, dome light) SASL
  • Original place cards mounted
  • Animated removable ignition key
  • Animated slinging key chain
  • Animated pilot with Sennheiser headset and sunglasses (depending on sunlight)
  • Checklist and magazines in seat pockets
  • Functional canopy with sliding windows


  • Detailed exterior with HD textures 
(e.g. prop, air intake, wheels, screws, dirt)
  • Animated wheels and G-loaded shock absorbers
  • Ailerons, elevator, rudder and flaps show correct deflection angles
  • Instant changeable wheel fairings
(choose between Travel and Tundra)
  • Switchable Static Elements 
(pitot tube cover, winglet covers, chocks)
  • Correct anti collision strobe sequence SASL

Aerodynamics & Systems

  • Correct physical model as computing basis for X-Plane®
  • Correct airfoil parameters for laminar wings, ailerons, rudder, elevators and prop
  • Realistic flap parameters regarding lift, drag and lever arm
  • Correct weight and balance parameters
  • Correct power consumption of all electrical systems modelled
  • Custom Fuel Selector Valve with 3 positions (Left, Right, Off) SASL
  • Electrical Trim and LED indicator
  • Functional Emergency Location Transmitter (ELT) on impacts larger 4.0 G SASL
  • Functional Davtron chronometer with UTC, local time and stop watch SASL


  • Custom 3D analog gauges with in-depth modelling (e.g. floating fuel needles) and HD textures
  • A211G only: Picus X G500 with fully functional Primary Flight Display (PFD) and partly modelled Multi Function Display (MFD) incl. initialization and AHRS alignment SASL
  • A211G only: Picus X G500 includes moving map
(based on the basic X-Plane® functions)
  • A211G only: Picus X G500 includes WX forecast
  • A211G only: Picus X G500 includes up to 5 customisable approach charts SASL
  • Picus X GTX 330 Transponder with automatic ALT or GND mode and Splash Screen on startup SASL
  • Picus X GMA 340 radio and intercom
  • X-Plane® GNS430 with custom 3D bezel and Splash Screen on startup SASL

(Rotax 912S, 100HP)

  • Correct engine parameters and limits
  • Choke modelled (required for engine startup if cylinder head temperature is below 50° C) SASL
  • Carburetor heat modelled
  • Cabin heat modelled
  • Electric fuel pump and realistic fuel pressure behaviour modelled SASL
  • Automatic leaning by modelled pressure membrane SASL
  • Vibrating exhaust tube depending from engine RPM SASL

Constant Speed Propeller (MTV-21 by mt-propeller)

  • Correct pitch deflection angles dependant on constant speed lever
  • Realistic weight / torque
  • Custom 3D and automatically blending prop discs, visible pitch from the side while spinning (based on RPM) SASL
  • Prop strike damage modelled
(toggled, if aircraft touches ground with less than 5° negative pitch) SASL


  • Original Rotax 912S sound incl. starter, startup and shutdown SASL
  • Original Aquila stall warner sound
  • Original ELT sound
  • Custom tire squeal sound, independent for each tire touching ground SASL
  • Custom avionics fan
  • Custom flaps servo sound
  • Custom canopy sound (open/close)

Magic Functions

  • Floating Options menu / preset 3D Views SASL
  • Floating Checklists for instant use SASL
  • Floating Fuel, Mass & Balance menu with real time altering and calculation SASL
  • Flight Instructor Mode (view from the right seat, 3D pilot on the left seat) SASL
  • Magic Functions (Engine Startup Sequence, Run-Up-Test Sequence, Shutdown Sequence) SASL


Fly like a Pro and become an Aquila Picus today

Aquila A210 Trailer

Aquila A211G Trailer

G500 Demonstration Video

Real World Comparison

Have a look at this Youtube-Channel for tons of Real World Aquila Videos.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t get the engine running, how does it work?

A: Make sure to switch the Fuel Selector Valve either to Left or Right. Also make sure to pull the Choke if the engine is cold. Follow the Engine Startup Procedure. To go for a quick startup, you could also use the Magic Function for the Engine Startup Sequence.

Q: I often experience a prop strike on landing, what is wrong?

A: Prop strike commonly occurs dew to a too fast approach and forced ground contact. Please refer to the Normal Procedures and Operating Limitations / Airspeed Reference for a proper approach speed. Flare long, slow down until stall speed and ensure to land with main gear first. Keep the front gear relieved as long as possible. If a prop strike occurs, you can reset it via the Options Menu

Q: I would love to learn flying the Picus X Aquila more professional, will there be more Flight Instruction Videos?

A: Yes, we’re working on providing you a complete Flight School Tutorial Series for the Picus X Aquila. Stay tuned!

Q: My question is now answered here, is there any Support Forum?

A: Yes! For our Picus X Aquila there is a Community Support Forum at X-Plane.Org